Vape Shop Amersfoort

Your Specialist for Vaporizers, CBD, E-cigarette and E-liquid

The Company

Vape Shop Amersfoort (VSA) is the brick and morter store that opened the doors in january 2018 after realising the e-cigarette market was blowing up and grabbed the oppertunity to do a try-out in a small shop location. With a bit of luck and sweat the shop was up and running at the beginning of the year.

VSA specializes in advising and selling alternatives for all tobacco users that either want to quit smoking or stop using tobacco in general. With over 35 years of combined knowledge and experience we can guarantee the customers always get the best advise and all the information they need and always make sure they leave the store satisfied.

The People

The Hero: Brain (owner), with over 20 years of experience in CBD and more than a decade in vaporizers, started a webshop a few years ago for all vaporizers for dry herb, oils, wax, etc related products. Quitting the tobacco and switching to vaping expanded the webshop to a new avenue, e-cigarettes and the likes. With a growing e-cigarette market still going, now getting some traction and the chance to start a small shop, it was all but obvious to take these steps and evolve with the still growing vape community.

The Sidekick: John (employee), a passionate vaper and friend, joined the Vape Shop in march 2018 shortly after opening the store. With a great wealth of knowledge in vaping and sales, given the oppertunity, he became a great addition to the team.

The Store

After a slow start, mostly due to not being allowed to advertise, the one man team became a two man team. The shop got a few upgrades and a massive product expansion that is still going strong today. With more than 75 different brands available in hardware, e-liquids, accessoires and tools there is enough choice for everyone that is either a beginner or a experienced vaper.

The Feels

Sit down, have a coffee, tea or cold drink on the house and enjoy some flavours while you are waiting or have a look around and see what is available. Even though the store is small, there is more to see than you realise.

Come and visit us for advice, information or just a chat about anything regarding vaping, e-cigarettes, e-liquid, vaporizers, CBD, etc.